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Company Statement
Edge produces and licenses pictures and videos for the Internet, CD-ROM, and video and print media. Edge represents about 100 photographers and has almost 250,000 digital files that are keyworded and databased. The content spans the universe of love and romance, men and women, costumes, courting behaviors, sexual union. The collection is computer catalogued, indexed, and each image is related to its legal paperwork and description. Because of this system, Edge is able to provide large collections to meet any niche.

Edge's rich content provides strong narratives that highlight the images and invite the viewer to be a willing participant. Edge work is sometimes shocking, extreme, gritty, and always exotic, real and intellectual. We hope Edge's images and the thoughts brought together in them by our photographers and models help change people's attitudes about Eros and sexuality.

Over the years and often in response to your requests and guidance we have evolve a system of categories, dubyas and scenes, which you can learn about if you wish but don't need to. Just know that the topics include women and men of all complexion, hair color, maturity, and body type; you've got pinups, bikinis, underwear, topless, costume changes, striptease, tattoos and piercing, shaving, bondage, messy, pantyhose, upskirt, nudes, gynecology, toys and insertion, urination, smoking, and more. Fetishes include bondage, metatropism, feet, legs, hose, heels, breasts, butts, and belly buttons.

You buy only the sets of pictures you need. Once a selection is made, a CD-ROM is burned with your exact order. or the images are FTPed to your site. A typical license terms is for perpetual use on all websites owned by the purchasing company, but other arrangements can also be made.

Quoted prices are $3.00 per picture for orders under 500 images. We discount to $2.50 for a purchase of over 500 images, to $2.25 for purchases over 1000 images, and to $2.00 for purchases over 5,000 pictures. Customers who accrue these volumes over time also accrue discounts. Some less exclusive items in the Catalog that routinely discount to $1.50 and below.

The resolution we typically deliver is 768x512 pixels. These images are a very high quality JPG and look almost identical to uncompressed PCT, TIF or PCD. The images have file sizes around 65Kbytes. Most are digitized on Kodak Photo CD equipment from original slides or negatives; some are digital originals. Very high resolution images are available on special order.

Payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, check, wire transfer, or money order. We will ship COD if requested. Shipment is by US mail for single disks, or Federal Express for multiple disk orders. The standard shipping charge is $5.00 for anywhere in the world if we ship US mail or $15.00 for domestic Federal Express shipments.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are 2257 legal. A definition of who holds what paperwork is found by clicking the 2257 compliance statement line at the top of this page.

Edge executes a standard license agreement with you which contains these representations. In general the license is to an individual or corporate identity and can cover multiple websites provided the websites are all owned by the same party. We also have a license which covers print publications. You can obtain a copy of this license by clicking above.

In general, images are semi-exclusive. In general, we license each picture to anywhere from a few (2-3) to several (6-8) sites.

We have new pictures on an ongoing basis and value repeat customers. We work very hard to supply our customer with their needs. Some customers are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis. We are currently producing approximately 4000 new images per month.

We both own pictures as well as represent photographers, including Larry Todd, Efrain Gonzalez, Fantasmo, Charles Gatewood, Kim Fielding, Steve Bonge, Jim Stiles, James Graham, Jay Canzio, Lex Limited, Paul Merlo, Steve Schlesenger, David Schoen, Suave, Virtucon, Gerard Laskowski, JIS, Anthony Coviello, and others. We feel many different styles are important. We represent featured models including Sparky, Donna O'Leary, Kitten, and others.

Thumbnails and samples are available upon request for all picture sets, and we will provide you on line address or send you via email.

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